Problems and Contradictions (The Rules)

The following will get you a WARNING:

  1. Race-baiting/race realism/islamophobia: “Well, obviously the police wouldn’t need to be so hard on the black community if the majority of crime was not coming from there,” or, “I’m not criticizing the race/religion, I’m criticizing the CULTURE” (actual cultural critique is acceptable and encouraged. Milo Yiannapoulous and Steven Crowder-esque racism and xenophobia masquerading as cultural critique is not).
  2. Casual homophobia/transphobia: “transgender don’t real,” “there are only two genders,” “gender dysphoria is a mental illness, ergo, transgenderism is a mental illness,” anything involving someone using the “wrong” bathroom, “gay pride parades are infuriating, can’t they stop flaunting how gay they are?”
  3. Casual objectification: “I can’t bring up a person without also talking about how my no-no parts feel about them!”
  4. Impolite discussion of any of these subjects
  5. Anything else to the my discretion.

The following will result in getting PERMANENTLY IP-BANNED:

  1. Outright hate speech or incitement of violence against individuals
  2. The use of slurs in a way that is meant to directly dehumanize a person
  3. The promotion of Nazism, fascism, and other far-right or reactionary ideas
  4. The use of lazy attack helicopter or “sexually identifies as” jokes
  5. Say it with me, kids: harassment, sexual or otherwise
  6. Engaging in rape and pedo apologia of the kind constantly seen on reddit: “she was 14 and I was 18, i’m just an ephebophile, it’s perfectly biologically natural, pedophiles shouldn’t be stigmatized, etc” or “there’s obviously no rape culture in the West” or “WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO NEXT, MAKE US SIGN CONSENT FORMS!?” etc
  7. And of course, anything else up to the my discretion, up to and including being a plain old asshole.