Welcome! My name is Ellie, and I see you’ve somehow managed to stumble upon my project, You Don’t Need Maps. The impetus for YDNM was found while working swing shift on a Sunday night, feeling anxious , depressed, and near-suicidal. Buzzed from at least two full pots of coffee, I decided to start writing my thoughts down about any and all things: my emotions, punk rock, literature, radical politics, and the combinations thereof seemed to be the topics popping up the most. Perhaps it was just hubris, but I didn’t want these thoughts to waste away on my Reddit account, or get burned off in late-night runs on Twitter and Tumblr, and I thought I could build a place for like-minded people to explore and have conversations about these sorts of things. Thus, the genesis for You Don’t Need Maps was born.

A few things to keep in mind before jumping in:

  • You all probably think I am an easily-bruised pixie who posts anti-Trump memes on Facebook. While that may be true, I also hate a lot of things, and I love making fun of things I like. Think of this blog as a kind of feminist, far-left successor to the late, great, Stuff You Will Hate, if you will. Special Snowflake Syndrome is a disease that can only be treated through snark. The Oppression Olympics will not be held on You Don’t Need Maps. I’m just not really down with silly alt-right fools and well-intentioned but ineffectual liberals.
  • This blog is named after the chorus of “Detroit” by the band Fireworks. This is because I’m from Detroit. I’m still more punk than you.
  • This blog mostly concerns itself with a few key areas: my precarious mental health (any post starting with the phrase DEAR DIARY should be read with a huge trigger warning in front of it); punk rock and its various offshoots (including but not limited to post-hardcore, metalcore, tough-guy hardcore, powerviolence, skramz, blackened crust, riot grrl, pop-punk, Orgcore, folk punk, and so on); radical far-left politics (I identify as an anarchist but I find multiple streaks of Stirnerism, Marxism, post-leftism, non-TERF radical feminism, and other ideologies fascinating); literature (I’m a particularly big fan of George Saunders, Al Burian, and David Foster Wallace); and the intersection of all of the above. Occasionally I may discuss hip-hop, disparate and weird strains of metal, indie film, television shows I’m currently obsessed with, or other topics, but mostly we will be discussing these things.
  • You can and should follow me on Twitter for esoteric jokes concerning the above.
  • THIS BLOG IS A SAFE SPACE, AND IT IS NOT A FREE SPEECH ZONE. Read my post on the rules before commenting, because I will IP-ban you without hesitation if you are acting like a dork.
  • Here is my Tumblr. It is an ask blog. The rules are much, much less constrictive than the ones here; if you want to yell at me and call me a faggot relentlessly, drop me a line there, and I’ll be happy to direct you to cock-sucking services all across the country.
  • I am hoping to start building a steady stable of contributors. Holler at ya girl sometime and maybe we can make something happen.

With all that in mind, try to have fun, and thank you for reading my inane ramblings. It truly does mean a lot to me, and I appreciate any and all feedback I can get. No Gods, No Masters.